Friday, August 16, 2019

We’ve made it to Friday!

From Bunny: Have you heard about the TV head guy? He has a TV for a head and is putting TVs on porches. It’s true!

From Satori: A kid found a mammoth tooth while on vacation in Amish country. My Amish country source reports that an entire woolly mammoth skeleton was once discovered there, and suggests Woolly Mammoths as a new mascot name for the local teams.

Also from Satori: Murals and basketball courts don’t mix, evidently. 

From Zazoo: Two male penguins are hatching an egg together! 

From Cassandra: Have you ever stopped to think about how subversive The Wizard of Oz really is?

From local news: There’s a new roller coaster coming to town, and it looks rather impressive. 

And finally: Serena Williams vs. drones. Who would win? (Hint: it’s not the drones.)

Have a safe and spiffy weekend, everyone. See you next week.

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