Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Occasionally I raise the idea that time isn’t linear, and Bunny tells me that’s bonkers. But look! Here’s someone else asking if time has a set direction! 

Also, in somewhat related thinking, what sort of gait is best in life? Ambling, apparently?

Due to short-lived technology, future historians will most likely look upon this age of the internet in total confusion.

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Anonymous said...

You're not bonkers! Why wouldn't it be cyclical? The seasons for example, not linear, they circle back (or forward?).

Read this:

The Aboriginal concept of time differs from the Judeo-Christian perception of time in that Aboriginal people do not perceive time as an exclusively ‘linear’ category (i.e. past-present-future) and often place events in a ‘circular’ pattern of time according to which an individual is in the centre of ‘time-circles’ and events are placed in time according to their relative importance for the individual and his or her respective community (i.e. the more important events are perceived as being ‘closer in time’). Such an important difference in perception of time contributes to the limited applicability of standard assessment procedures in psychiatry and creates numerous difficulties in providing culturally appropriate mental health services to Aboriginal people in Australia.