Monday, February 04, 2019

Happy Monday! And Happy February. You know what that means…March Mammal Madness is just around the corner! The Roving Rodent Reporters will be back to cover all the 2019 shenanigans. Stay tuned.

Dreyer’s English is newly published, and if you enjoy wordsmithery and grammar, this is your jam. 

Meanwhile, it turns out that a bestselling novelist has…some…issues, I think? People are extremely weird.

Speaking of weird, how about a list of creepy nuns in cinema? 

Via Warren Ellis: Venkatesh Rao suggests that old blogs can become elder blogs or late-style blogs. I have no idea what Folderol is (or is becoming?), as it creeps up on its nineteenth (!!!) birthday. It never went through the virality phase, so perhaps it is still growing and learning!

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