Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Carnival season continues (outside of politics! Haha…sob), and here’s a look at Fasching, a darker version which takes place in southern Germany and looks incredible.

Have you ever heard of Dau, a sort of film/art/artificial city/immersion piece which went on for years and years and recreated the USSR between 1938 and 1968? The first film has just come out (I think) and it sounds absolutely bizarre.

 A man in Indiana has been “acquiring” artifacts for decades, and the FBI went after him…and now there are human bones involved? Yikes.

In 1959, the lovely city of Burbank, California interred a time capsule, which included some predictions on what the future would be like. In 2009, the capsule was unearthed, and, well, we haven’t come quite as far as those 1959 Californians hoped.

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