Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Regardless of one’s feelings about monarchies, 63 years is a long time to last at anything, including being a queen. Congratulations, Elizabeth.

As a complete non sequitur, let’s talk about Lovecraft, the good and the bad, and how his legacy just seems to grow over time like some sort of eldritch creation.

Sometimes I find links and save them for later, with short descriptions so I can remember why I saved them. For Sofiane Samlal’s LEGO photography (or “Legography”), I just put “awesome LEGO.” I think that’s a pretty good summary. In Samlal’s photos, LEGO minifigs deal with real world problems. Well, sort of. I especially like his rendition of Invader’s mosaic techniques, but Magneto battling Wolverine over tea is a close second. (Batman putting up MISSING posters for Robin is up there, too.)

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