Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Greetings! Today is a bit of a grab bag. We’ll be gone tomorrow while one of the Spooky Librarians (not me) has some painful extensive dental surgery. Send good thoughts, and painkillers if you have any to spare. (Kidding. We hope.)

Last week, I talked about Islam and Science Fiction’s GoFundMe campaign. This week, here’s an interview at Beyond Victoriana. I love the Islamic Star Wars illustration so much.

From sci-fi to science: Why not get a scarf or a painting with cellular art? Someone on Twitter linked to the brain cells scarf as a “back to school” image, and I think it’s gorgeous.

From science to magic: The Center for Tactical Magic has a Tactical Ice Cream Unit. I mean, what more does one want from life? The good people at We Make Money Not Art interview the founder of the Center. It’s a great read.

See you Thursday!

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