Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Remember when we used to go around the world on Wednesdays and see what was going on? Let’s do that again!

In the Amazon, the idea of pristine rainforest has been challenged by the discovery of ancient cities in the jungle. Nature has a way of erasing humankind, albeit very slowly.

In India, they’ve run into an age-old problem: setting feeders out for birds means that you’re also feeding (or fighting) squirrels. (Thanks to Ratatosk4, who keeps up on all squirrel-related news.)

Meanwhile, in New York City, it’s been hot (not as hot as it’s been in Iran, which is terrifying), so WNYC has helpfully compiled a map of the hottest subway stations in the city. Stay away from the 4/5/6 at the Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall station! (I was at that station not long ago, actually, and can verify it's pretty stifling.)

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