Friday, August 28, 2015

Happy Friday! Many thanks to everyone who sent in links for today’s compilation.

Cassandra sent this article on Pitchfork’s “best songs of the ‘80s” mess with the subject line “I’m sure you have an opinion,” and yes, I sure do, but it’s not really printable. I’ll be over here listening to the “Burning the Existence” goth mix from Secret Thirteen, which I just discovered this week and where has it been all my life, anyway?

Zazoo sent in definitive proof that Park Slope has become a hipster haven/hellmouth, depending on your view of hipsters, with this new clothing line for children. For once, possibly the only time, I encourage you to read the comments.

Bunny sent an article on the benefits of coloring books with the message “see, you were ahead of your time!”

Longtime contributor Julie is back from sick bay, hooray! She sent in information on Mummy Brown paint (made from actual mummies – Wednesday Addams would be proud); the addition of “manspreading” to the Oxford dictionary; and a detailed analysis of Poohsticks. I don’t understand why Poohsticks is not a bigger deal here in the states. Do kids play it, and I’m just out of touch? Let me know!

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone! See you next week.

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