Thursday, July 19, 2012

Guy Laramee’s new book sculptures are jaw-droppingly amazing. (His previous work is fantastic, too!)

We all know that a tree grows in Brooklyn, but apparently authors and bookmakers are growing there as well these days.

If you like the Fake AP Stylebook, you will love the OEFictionary! (Brought to you by Dante of Surviving the World, which you should also be reading.)

The Museum of Endangered Sounds is dedicated to preserving the aural history of our culture. Beep! Boop!

The newsroom is another endangered species, although it was never quite as glamorous as show biz made it out to be.

Stack Exchange is a forum for questions and answers, and has a category for Library and Information Science. (It also has a sci-fi section which discusses the career ambitions of Darth Vader and why the Doctor runs so much these days, so there’s something for everyone!)

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