Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Adding newfangled technology to classical music? Behold, the fantastic typewriter piece!

Imagine glasses that can see into your soul. Well, maybe not the soul, but at least into veins and possibly more!

The best bouquet ever: flowers made from Sherlock Holmes stories and a sonic screwdriver for a stem.

LEGO now features rather steampunky “monster fighters” as a set.

Imagine a column of steam rising from the countryside…to celebrate the Olympics. Well, and why not? It’s going to happen! (Also, in related news although not steampunky, you can track the Olympic torch relay as it happens. Eddie Izzard will take up the torch later today!)

And finally, happy news for readers: we have reached the tipping point in books, so get your typing fingers ready to participate in a steampunk/sci-fi boo giveaway soon! Sir Reginald cannot wait to opine on the books (and the entries).

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