Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Do you have plans for this weekend (other than possibly digging out from under yet another blizzard)? You should, because you should be attending the Voodoo Carnival at Southgate House on Saturday evening! The event is brought to you by Aloysius, co-captain of the Steampunk Empire and ringleader of the Queen City Cabaret. As this urchin says, the revelry shall be off the chain. Come and bring your friends for an evening of fine entertainment!

The Borders Sci-Fi blog features steampunk writers this week, including several authors whose works have been featured (and/or given away in contests) here! In other steampunk-esque literature news, Andrew Lane's book featuring a teenage Sherlock Holmes is now out in stores, while the Arctic Marauder is rumored to be on the way (and looks like great fun).

Photos of Victorian London show the city of a century ago in all its wonder and squalor. And, bringing past to present, Plan 28 is a scheme to actually build the Babbage Analytical Engine -- join in, won't you?

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