Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Hi there. Sorry to miss yesterday's post, but here it is, all your arty Monday links! Tuesday's entry will go up later on today, and then we'll be all caught up.

The story of Frankenstein and his creation still captures audiences, nearly two hundred years after Mary Shelley wrote the novel.

Meanwhile, Edgar Allan Poe fans are going through hard times. First the Poe Toaster seems to have disappeared, and now the Poe home in Baltimore may have to close its doors.

I love the reaction of London's underground dance scene to reporters -- no, go away, don't tell anyone about us! Hee.

Remember cassette tapes and the art of the mix? A new tumblr digitizes old tapes for our enjoyment. Lots of hidden treasure here.

And finally, the art of the cat. Really, the pattern possibilities are amazing. I learned the different types of tabby markings, for instance!

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