Thursday, June 10, 2010

First we bring you doom and gloom, then some humor.

Doom! The NYC library system is teetering on the edge. Join the 24-hour read-in this weekend at the Brooklyn Public Library and show your support.

Gloom! Libraries, they're going under all over.

Super gloom! What if BP spilled oil all over your hometown? See the extent of the damage superimposed over a map.

Moving toward the light: psychology students take a crack at fictional characters. I wonder if vampires get Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Bill Lucey runs down some famous blunders in history, inspired by the latest baseball controversy.

And finally, speaking of blunders, some choice bits of AP American history exam essays are collected and posted each year. I can't recommend these highly enough, especially for history geeks. (If you are a history geek and can't access the full lists, send me an email and I may be able to help.)

Tomorrow: links from others. That means tomorrow is Friday!

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