Monday, June 28, 2010

It's the sort of Monday that inspires gloomy songs by gloomy songwriters. Anyway. On to the links...

As a person who often experiences pareidolia, I am pleased to report it has its own weblog now. Ha. 

The Indianapolis Museum of Art has a new hundred-acre art park, and you are encouraged to touch, climb on, and gallivant all about the art! I will have to investigate this firsthand and report back.

If horror films are so popular, why not take it to the stage?

William-Henry Ireland managed to convince many people that his works were those of Shakespeare's. Then he owned up to the hoax and couldn't get anyone to believe him. There's a moral in this somewhere, I'm sure.

Two websites to check out: USA Today's Character Blog, which explores the "cultural landscape," and Ephemera Studies, which looks back at the landscape of yesteryear.

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Anonymous said...

Oooooo....I took much delight from the article regarding horrorific plays, pure delight. Thank you!

RE: Gloomer music

Here is a song from the soundtrack of one's suicide, quite touching:

Broadcast - Tears in the Typing Pool

Worry not, Jinnet, I've burnt it to disk for you, but felt compelled to share it with your sensitive readers.