Tuesday, November 10, 2020

 Hello! Today is a mixed bag of links that have been accumulating over the past week or so, when everything was too stressful or busy to post much. Here we go!

Continuing on the treasure hunt theme: Cincinnati is having a treasure hunt this weekend, for $25,000 of "Longworth" treasure. I appreciate the time they took to give this some historical context.

Is it possible to really vanish these days? I'd say no, but the lack of information on this mysterious hiker, known only as "Mostly Harmless," makes me think. (Unless he was really Ford Prefect, in which case, wow.)

If you've had a craving for frozen treats from McDonald's, only to be disappointed when the machine is broken, fear not, McBroken is here for you! You can find exactly which machines are broken anywhere you are.

Art from others: If you know anyone who likes Pokemon and also likes medieval manuscripts, this is the perfect gift. Behold, the Codex Pokemonus!

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