Tuesday, September 24, 2019

With the news of the UK’s Supreme Court ruling, Lady Hale has become a sensation, and her brooches are getting all sorts of attention. Hooray for spooky brooches!

The Chicago Steampunk Exposition is gearing up for this weekend. There are lots of interesting artists and vendors on the site for all your retrofuturistic needs!

Connecting the globe to the internet was (and still is) a major shift in technology. Ernie from Tedium takes a look at the history (Peter Gabriel features prominently, surprisingly!) and also points to the Right to Preserve twitter account.

Did you know that NASA almost built a floating airport on Lake Erie? It’s true!

In more “did you know” news, Seoul is working on a citywide cryptocurrency coin. I think. (Cryptocurrency confuses me no end, so I may have this wrong.)

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