Monday, April 01, 2019

Happy Monday, Happy April, and Happy April Fools’ Day, although we really don’t need that sort of thing in these ridiculous times. That being said, ThinkGeek always has some great products on this day (check out the Banksy Burned Toast Toaster offer!) and Google lets you play Snake in several different cities. Sort of.

Also, today is a bonus Links from Others day! (March Mammal Madness ends this week; we will return to normal afterwards, we hope.)

From Satori: Thomas Dambo’s giant trolls are visiting Kentucky’s Bernheim Forest for a short while.

From Cassandra: How did flappers deal with menstruation? 

From a bunch of sources: The mystery of the Garfield phones washing up on Brittany shores has finally been solved. 

An article in the Paris Review talks about what we believe, and links to Philip Pullman’s essay on the same topic, encompassing magic, faith, and reason.

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