Thursday, January 17, 2019

Yesterday was Museum Selfie Day, and the Cleveland Museum of Natural History observed the day with some animal friends. 

Quiz time! How well do you know Edgar Allan Poe, and can you tell the difference between his writing and emo lyrics? I got 12/16 right (with the comment: “You know your Poe—and are very in touch with your emotions. *Applauds somberly*”).

If you want a more personal quiz, there’s yet another personality test out there. According to this, my openness to experiences score is 75 out of 100. My extraversion: 17 out of 100. Ha! (It’s true.)

The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology has online exhibits as well as in-house displays, and this online exhibit of different fabrics is super interesting.

You may have heard that China sent a robotic lander to the far side of the moon. But do you know the significance of the Chang’e name? (The Wikipedia article is short on mythology, but completely worth reading for the section on the  1969 Apollo mission conversation.)

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