Monday, September 24, 2018

It’s Monday, and time for a look at the arts.

Music: WNYC teamed up with the National Constitution Center to make songs based on each amendment, and they’re amazing. Check them out! Dolly Parton has a great song about the 19th Amendment!

Literature: The New York Public Library is creating “Insta Novels” on Instagram for certain books, like Alice in Wonderland. 

Grammar: It’s National Punctuation Day!!! 

Fine Arts: Hildreth Meière created over 100 commissioned works for public spaces, and incorporated Art Deco and Byzantine mosaic design into many of them. I’d never heard of her before now, and I can’t believe it, because her work is incredible.

Crafty Spookiness: Behold the tiny nightmares at Croshame, where horror movies are spun into reality! (Possibly NSFW if you go to the main page and your workplace has issues with crocheted nudity. Hey, I don’t know where you work.)

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