Thursday, May 12, 2016

Are library cards, as physical objects, becoming historical items? Well, we definitely save them as souvenirs…er, some of us do, anyway.

If you’re near Brooklyn this weekend, you can attend the unveiling of a headstone for a long-gone baseball player who always wanted something reflecting his commitment to the Knickerbockers. Rest more peacefully now, Too Late Davis! 

For American law librarians, it’s the end of an era – THOMAS is going away (to be replaced by Here’s a remembrance and an appreciation.

It’s tornado season around here, and storm chasers are riding high on adrenalin. Hyperallergic has some photos taken by crazy intrepid 19th century storm chasers. 

Quiz time! Can you identify the pen names? I got 20 out of 25; I started guessing wildly at the end.

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