Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Oooo, the BBC is giving His Dark Materials another chance at making it to the screen. (I hope it does; I loved the books.)

The rest of today’s links deal, in some way, with being hidden.

Have you heard of Stanhopes? I hadn’t before now, but they were apparently a way of hiding Victorian-era erotica.

Here’s a collection of vintage photographs of men dressed like women and women dressed like men. As the poster says, it’s not clear if these are instances of cross-dressing or something more (like Lili Elbe, who’s included), but they’re fascinating.

There’s a much bigger message in this wonderful booktwo post, but what I took away was a white-hot curiosity about the “upside down and backwards town” mentioned in connection with WWII radar operators. Off to research!

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