Friday, June 26, 2015

I am so amazed and thrilled that same-sex marriage is no longer something that we imagined might maybe happen someday, somewhere, but is instead now recognized in every state in my country. It’s stunning. And wonderful. Happy Friday, everyone!

The Spooky Librarians are taking another week off after this, but we’ll be back after July 4th for the rest of the summer. In the meantime, thanks to everyone for reading and sending in links! Also, we are now on Instagram and you can follow along with our various adventures (well, sometimes we have adventures. Sometimes we’re just working and looking out our window and whatnot.)

From Zazoo: “Call him Ziggy Hedwiggy. Michael C. Hall really gets around!”

Also from Zazoo: “Brooklyn is the city with the largest percentage of women-led startups.

From Cassandra: Oliver Sacks talks about the mystery of time.

Also from Cassandra: White extremists are the most terrifying (literally) in America.

RIP, Patrick Macnee. John Steed will live on in our hearts and minds.

For those of the gothy/punky persuasion: Look, a Wax Trax “monumentary”!

Have a spiffy weekend and week, everyone. See you soon.

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