Friday, May 15, 2015

Happy Friday!

 XKCD’s latest creation is the interactive Emojic 8 ball. I asked it how the rest of the year was going to go, and it answered with a doughnut and a heart. Sounds good to me.

From Julie: A huge group of British citizens worked on this embroidered version of the Wikipedia entry on the Magna Carta. Jarvis Cocker stitched the words “Common People,” if that gives you any indication of how awesome this is.

From Cassandra: The autonomous trucks are coming to our highways soon!

Also from Cassandra: The World Dream Atlas surveys what people dream about. Flying happens everywhere, evidently. (I never dream about flying. Flying on planes, sure. But never actually flying. Hmph.)

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone. See you next week.

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