Thursday, March 26, 2015

My father and my aunt had a running argument about Richard III. My dad was of the opinion that Richard got a raw deal from history and wasn’t nearly the villain Shakespeare and others made him out to be. It was big news for us when Richard’s remains were discovered. Today, Richard III was reburied in a ceremony at St Martin’s Cathedral in Leicester. I think my dad would approve.

Bookniture is furniture which looks like a book. Impress your friends!

 I kept seeing references to “meerkatting” events and thought it was just a weird way of saying people were watching them. No! Meerkatting is a livestream from one’s phone, and anyone can watch, either through an app or by visiting Meerkatstreams. The more you know!

Daniel Rotzstain is drawing all of Toronto’s libraries. He’s almost finished! Look and see!

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