Wednesday, January 28, 2015

This week, we’re just posting a grab-bag of links in lieu of themed days. So! Onward!

What do ‘80s songs look like? A five-year-old has some ideas. (I love the interpretation of “Rapper’s Delight.”)

Longtime readers will remember I am a fan of the Puppy Bowl, but now there’s apparently a Kitten Bowl. There’s also a livecam of adoptable cats which is addictive – I spent some time watching an adolescent tabby with an incredibly short attention span.

On the other end of the attention span spectrum, here’s a story about a cheesemaking Trappist monk in Manitoba.

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Anonymous said...

I love the interpretation of Lips Like Sugar. Reminds me of a five-year old girl I used to babysit. She thought Bon Jovi's On the Edge of a Broken Heart was On the Edge of a Polka Dot. She'd sing aloud as she drew and colored pictures of polka dots. I completely understood the misunderstanding. She could totally relate to a polka dot, but a broken heart? What's that? HA!