Wednesday, August 20, 2014

It’s sort of a gloomy Wednesday here today, so here are some downbeat links. But there’s a light at the end.

How best to spread the word about Ebola? Through a dance song, of course. This is a brilliant idea.

From Cassandra: a vintage story about murder and vengeance from beyond.

Andrew Leatherbarrow found there was a lack of focused reporting on what exactly happened at Chernobyl. So he put the story together, along with hundreds of photos which trace the history of the plant, the nearby city Pripyat, and the 1986 meltdown. The photos by themselves are available on imgur, and are worth looking at on their own.

Finally, a bit of cheerfulness. Tom Bailey of the Thompson Twins is back on tour, and there will be t-shirts, and I am hoping that soon there will be more available to Americans. Go Tom!

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