Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy Burns Night, everyone!

This week’s installment of Links From Others features Julie, who always sends awesome links. Examples:

--- An Australian library’s prank of reshelving Lance Armstrong’s autobiography in the fiction section goes viral.

-- A huge gamma-ray burst may have hit Earth during the Middle Ages. WHICH CAUSED THE PLAGUE—no, not really. People probably didn’t even notice it, actually. But still, this makes for great sci-fi inspiration.

-- “Storms wash up WWII lard on beach.” Ew.

Have a spiffy weekend! The deadline for entering this week’s book giveaway is Sunday. We’re talking about Sherlock Holmes and, since we have a bunch of entries, this means there will be a video giveaway with puppets. I mean, how can you resist being a part of that?

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