Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I start today off with something decidedly unVictorian, but bear with me. In 1964, the World’s Fair was held in New York City. Not only is the fair’s site now the host of the (annual?) New York Maker Faire , it was also the site for the 1939 World’s Fair. More than that, however, it showed Americans not only sights and sounds, but also tastes of the world, due to a set of circumstances which led Asian and African countries to hold a prominent spot in the culinary offerings and which led to an influx of wonderful cuisine in the United States.

And speaking of fairs and broadening’s one travel (and mind), it may be winter but that means it’s prime planning time for steampunk conventions! The Steampunk World’s Fair is preparing to knock one’s silk stockings off in May; if you’re near the East Coast this spring, try to visit it. (Thanks to Haley for the information!) If you’re impatient, the incomparable Shien Lee is putting on another extravaganza next month – live the life Parisienne without leaving New York.

Meanwhile, here in Ohio, of all places, plans are afoot for great stuff this year. The Steampunk Empire Symposium is taking over the city in April; if you’re part of the Steampunk Empire, you should attend (and if you’re not, you should join the fun anyway!). Later on in the year, PandoraCon lurks, full of geeky goodness for all.

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