Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Okay, our mayor may have some pitching issues, but the rest of the team did not and we won the first game of the season. Hooray!

I forgot to mention Google's April Fool's joke, by the way.

Attention, children of the '80s: KITT is for sale! David Hasselhoff should buy it and drive it around. Or maybe Mr. T, just to confuse people.

The FDA is reconsidering the definition of chocolate, and chocolate lovers are not taking it well.

Fun for six-year-olds and haunted house sound technicians alike: The horrid sound mixer!


bjkeefe said...

Google wasn't just dealing in "96% organic soybean sputum" on 4/1.

Courtesy of my dad, I got sent a link to Google's plan for cheap broadband: http://www.google.com/tisp/.

bjkeefe said...

Regarding the mixer: As the Horrible Dynne said in The Phantom Tollboth, none of those sounds is nearly horrible enough.