Tuesday, August 17, 2021


If it seems like I've been neglecting Folderol, it's true. Life has gotten really busy lately. I'm still posting links when I can; it's just something that's on the back burner these days.

With that being said, here are some newsletters I'm subscribed to (which I'm also way behind on reading). Folderol will not become a newsletter, because ha, that would be ridiculous, but many other weblogs have transmogrified into subscription sites, and many of those are free (or super cheap) and really interesting!

In no particular order:

Walk It Off  (about walking, oddly enough, but also deeper topics)

Garbage Day (what's new on the internet)

Twirling Through It (by Tom and Lorenzo)

Everything is Amazing (finding joy in the everyday)

Today in Tabs (all about media and the brave new online world, especially in NYC)

Cup of Coffee (baseball and much more)

Money Stuff (mostly read for work, but also to learn about finance)

The Gossip Reading Club (what it says on the tin)

Dearest (historical jewelry and whatnot)

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