Friday, October 23, 2020

 Hello and happy Friday! The Spooky Librarians are taking next week off to properly celebrate Halloween (as well as our anniversary), so posts may be slim or nonexistent until November. If we don’t post again, here’s wishing you a wonderful, safe, spooky Samhain/Halloween! 

Before that, however, here are some links… 

Room Rater continues to be my favorite new Twitter account, and as a bonus, it’s led to some artists! Check out Ernesto Ybarra’s work. 

Over in the music world, Tom Lehrer has released all his lyrics into the public domain. 

At Green-Wood Cemetery, an altar for Dia de los Muertos has been set up for visitors. 

And finally, someone asked people if they would rather be hot or cold, and then made a map of the results. (Those of you who would rather be hot are very strange creatures.) 

Have a safe and spiffy weekend, week, and holiday! See you soon.

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