Friday, December 20, 2019

Happy Friday and happy almost-Solstice, everyone!

From Nicole: Behold, the first vegan burrito restaurant for squirrels! 

From Zazoo: Sesame Street characters doing impressions of each other! (The impressions of Bert and Ernie are wonderful.)

Via the interwebs: The most Boston story ever, involving a lobster heist. 

From Cassandra: Leo Tolstoy’s search for meaning in the world. 

Slightly related: Duende, the dark spirit of inspiration. (This was mentioned in passing in an article I read and I then went down the rabbit hole. Lorca and Nick Cave go into detail here.)

Have a spiffy and safe weekend and holiday, everyone. We’ll be here on and off through the end of the year, but no real set schedule until 2020!

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