Monday, October 07, 2019

Happy Monday!

If book fairs were like this one, as imagined by Grant Snider, I’d go to more of them for sure. (Shirley Jackson Fun House! What could possibly go wrong?)

What’s the best architecture of the 21st century so far? I’ve been to exactly one on the list, so I have to get on that, I suppose.

Philadelphia is hosting a fantastic art installation that shows a 17th century “ghost ship” in the harbor. Here's how it looks live!

I took this Buzzfeed quiz, aimed at calculating my age and height from my “fall aesthetic” (?) and it told me I was 34 years old and 5’7”. I took it again and picked my second choices and it said I was 18 and 5’5”. Well, one of those four figures is right at least.

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