Thursday, July 28, 2016

Guys, I do not get into politics much here, but really, check out the speeches from this week’s DNC. They are amazing and inspiring.

If you’d rather be incensed, however, here is madness: Bob, Gordon and Luis have been let go from Sesame Street! WTF?

What role would you play in a fairytale? Apparently, I would be…a fairy. Well. Okay then. (At least I’m not the “damsel in distress.”)

Animal live cams are great. Here’s a list of several, and here is a subjective ranking of a few!

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Anne Roy said...

I too was / am a fairy!

A Fairy
By nature, you are kind and wise. Giving advice whether others want to hear it or not is simply habitual for you. In fact, you're always willing to use your magical powers to intervene in people's affairs, although that occasionally results in disaster.