Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Happy Steampunk/Victorian Tuesday!

I was delighted to find that the Bartitsu Society mentioned one of my favorite (forgotten) shows, Q.E. D., in a recent entry. The attraction to the Victorian era started early for me.

Also via the Bartitsu Society: The Barton-Wright/Alfred Hutton Alliance for Historically Accurate Hoplology and Antagonistics, or, as it is more commonly known, BWAHAHAHA, is the Victorian arm of the Lonin martial arts organization.

If you’d like to bring up your children to appreciate Victoriana, you could get a good start by using M is For Monocle as an alphabet book!

Julia Margaret Cameron was criticized for her photographs, but now she has the last laugh as there are two exhibitions of her work going on right now. (I think they’re mystical and gorgeous, personally.)

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