Wednesday, December 23, 2015

So I’ve been reading a book on underground London (the literal underground tunnels and subways, that is) and found that an enterprising journalist once rode his bicycle through secret tunnels and wrote about it for Christmas. (Then the entryways to the tunnels were “carefully secured” so that other would-be urban adventurers were dissuaded. Bah humbug.)

From Julie: Here’s what Pangea would look like these days, with all the countries and borders. Going to Morocco would be so much easier!

Discovered on Twitter: We Rate Dogs. Have a look, it’s great.

And from Google: Choose what side of the Force to support. Bunny picked the Dark Side (no surprise there); I am on the Light Side because Rey is awesome, and also to bring balance to the Force in our family. Have fun!

Happy holidays, everyone! We’ll be back next week.

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