Thursday, December 31, 2015

And here we are at the end of 2015. Thanks so much for reading and sending in links over the past year!

A programming note: For the first two weeks of January, I have jury duty (for the first time ever). As a result, posts may be sporadic or nonexistent until Jan. 19th. But! Watch this space, because we are trying something new for 2016 – Folderol on YouTube. It’s going to be a series of strange lists, curated by the Spooky Librarians and our friends. We’ll post the first episode here soon, and will then encourage people to subscribe, spread the word, and send in ideas for lists! The regular Folderol will continue on – the video channel is a side project, and we hope it goes well.

For now, celebrate the end of the year, ponder why we sing that weird Scottish song, and, while you’re at it, ponder the mysteries of historical migration (especially in Ireland), as we migrate toward 2016.

Thanks again, everyone!

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