Tuesday, February 03, 2015

It’s another random link week! I’m going through a backlog and will get back on the organized theme soon.

Here’s something which sort of fits the usual Tuesday, however: Telegraph operators had their own culture, with romances, newsletters, and labor issues.

The rural creative class exists, and went through a tough time during the recession, and is now trying to rise again. There's a map showing where the rural creative class exists, and I love that I can pinpoint my college town exactly.

“Where Mis’ry Moans” is the latest exhibit at Harvard Law, and focuses on prison reformers of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Bunny can tell you that I am always looking at the background action in movies and TV shows. Art in Film looks at the art in the movies that might not be mentioned, but is right there for the admiring!

Bunny can also tell you that getting up in the middle of the night is pretty normal for me. Apparently that means I should go be creative at 3:30 am. 

And finally: are alien abductions just repressed memories of anesthesia awakenings? Interesting!

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