Friday, July 11, 2014

Song of the Day!

Happy Friday, everyone. Many thanks to those who sent in links while I was gone!

From Julie: The UK will display the U.S. Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence next year. Just make sure to send them back, guys. We're on to you.

From Cassandra: The rise of anti-intellectualism.

Also from Cassandra: Those people who climb corporate ladders so well are really from the Dark Side.

And speaking of the Dark Side, also from Cassandra: Here’s Darth Vader on the National Cathedral. He REALLY climbs ladders well!

The era of crowdfunding may be coming to an end soon. It's all the fault of potato salad. (It isn't, really, but I don't like potato salad and am happy to blame it for anything and everything.)

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone. Back to normal posting schedule on Monday!

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