Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Like a (somewhat wonky) dirigible, the Steampunk Librarian has been slowly sailing toward the horizon. However! I’ll still be writing some reviews and possibly other stuff as well over at the Pandora Society, so check over there occasionally.

In somewhat related news, steampunk is a “new romantic movement.” I was already a New Romantic in the ‘80s, so I’m not sure what this makes me. New New Romantic? Newest Romantic?

The Guardian has a series called Photography Then and Now, which shows a historic photo and then how the same location looks today. Never has it been more effective than their latest installment, which portrays the landscape of D-Day.

The future is inching even closer. Take a look at SCiO, which is a scanner displaying information for practically anything. Their Kickstarter seems to have been, um, rather successful.

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