Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy happy Friday! Many thanks to everyone who's been sending in links during the hiatus.

From Cassandra: Maria Mitchell, comet discoverer.

From Julie: the "halls of the dead" are uncovered in Herefordshire, and a ten-year-old discovers a mummy in his grandmother's attic. Both stories sound like the beginning of horror movies, don't they?

From Tony via Holly: all the Pixar movies are connected. See the evidence!

From Zazoo: behold the new coaster at Kings Island, which looks terrifyingly amazing (and amazingly terrifying).

And lastly, from Bunny, a gallery of photos which is safe for work, regardless of the title: adult movie stars show what they look like before and after makeup. Some makeup jobs are incredible.

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone! See you next week.


Unknown said...

(mostly) daily reader here who is so happy to see you are back!

Jinnet said...

Thanks! It's good to be back!