Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy Friday! It’s all icy here today. Not as bad as this 1918 morning, but still messy.

Today’s Google Doodle honors Edward Gorey and is wonderful.

From Holly: Beautiful vintage shoes!

From Julie: In England, they are still digging up all sorts of stuff. A prehistoric burial site has been unearthed in Dartmoor, and a 400-year-old manuscript has been rediscovered and published . (It was in a church safe all that time. There’s a testimonial for a safe company.)

From Cassandra: “Black Feminist Thought in the Matrix of Domination.” How can you resist a title like that?

From Nicole: The Diane Rehm Show discusses the 50th anniversary of The Feminine Mystique.

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone! See you Monday.

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Anonymous said...

I love “Black Feminist Thought in the Matrix of Domination” and hope to send in more to celebrate properly WHM. Not that anyone cares(but I must express myself anyway teehee):

Although I love this paper, I disagree completely with the idea that knowledge is power. Knowledge can help usher in power, but, essentially, power is power and those who possess knowledge yet are powerless tend to be depressed and frustrated.

I wish knowledge was power. Wouldn't that be amazing and wonderul?