Tuesday, October 09, 2012

I missed the Maker Faire this year, but it looks as if it was quite the time!

The Tesla Community is celebrating the success of the campaign aimed at saving Tesla’s laboratory with the intent to make it a museum, huzzah! Also to be found on the website: Tesla 2012 stickers and other paraphernalia. “Change history! Energy for all!”

Sadly, getting the actual Tesla back and into power will not be possible…unless someone figures out how to work this amazing time machine (video of the mechanisms in action provided).

Retronaut features 1917 ads on how to properly use the telephone. We could all use some reminders, I think.

Battersea gets all the attention, but the Lots Road Power Station was equally inspiring/terrifying back in its heyday.

Artist Colin Bolton created a Cthulhu idol which looks like it would be at home in an Art Deco parlor. Lovely stuff.

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