Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy library links day! Also happy anniversary to Bunny. Nine years married and he hasn’t fled screaming into the night yet.

A treasure horde of maps has been discovered in a house, and donated to the LA Public Library. One of the maps is from 1592!

Bill Lucey investigates the popular Halloween costumes this year. If you’re still casting about for ideas, there are some good ones there.

LLRX provides a wealth of fact-checking sites as the U.S. election draws ever nearer. (Incidentally, living in Ohio means that literally every other commercial is a political ad at the moment. This morning I saw three in a row.)

The New York Public Library has a fantastic site on stereographic photographs. You can even make your own in Photoshop with this handy tutorial!

From old photos to new books: Digital Textbooks explores the changing world of academic publications.

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