Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Unlacing the Victorians has some nice summaries of the recent Steampunk Empire Symposium, among other great posts!

If you’re looking for more steampunk convention fun, fear not – Waltham, Massachusetts becomes an International Steampunk City this weekend. Many thanks to the Sparkle Queen for sending on this news! (One of these years I will attend. I will also meet the Sparkle Queen then and the world will explode for reasons too complicated to explain here, so really, it’s for your own good that I will not be there.)

The Steampunk Tribune webmaster continues his yeoman’s work of chronicling the many steampunk-related Facebook pages out there on the aetherweb.

A lengthy examination of personality types and steampunk archetypes yields some interesting results!

And lastly, the renewed interest in handmade crafts (a strong aspect of steampunk) is explored in a Der Spiegel article.

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Sparkle Queen said...

Maybe the world won't end. Maybe we'll just bring about some weird timewarp that opens up a Steampunk wormhole. I suddenly feel like a trendy YA novel waiting to happen.