Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Friday! We have a veritable bonanza of links from others this week, and that’s an especially good thing because Folderol will be on a mini-vacation next week. I’ll be in New York to see Labapalooza! There may be some spotty updates here and on Facebook (I’m at, say hi if you like!), and regular updates should resume a week from Monday.

And now, on to the links, with the contributor listed in parentheses just to be different.

The many voices of Charles Dickens, as observed on his 200th birthday. (Cassandra)

Literary maps of the USA and Great Britain, arranged by general locale of the authors! (Bunny)

Queen Victoria’s diaries are online! And, if you’re outside the UK, you can read them for free through June. This is very exciting for history geeks. (Julie)

Americans sound ridiculous when talking about international soccer (er, football) games; now a Brit announces an NBA game to even the score a bit. (Bunny)

The Bigfoot investigations continue! DNA tests will be performed on possible yeti remnants. (Julie)

When, exactly, is the future? Here’s a handy chart by decade, as seen through sci-fi literature. (Bunny)

Speaking of the future, Colin Powell has come out in favor of same-sex marriage. (Zazoo)

The Catholic Church continues to alienate many of its followers; is this an intentional downsizing? (Mom)

“Two links on dealing with nerd-grief at the death of an RPG character (since this is on the horizon in our campaign, it may be good reading for others out there). First: Wil Wheaton's entry on his elf character that died during a podcast, and second, another gamer's take on how to deal with it...complete with graveyard and burning of character sheets (hahaha).” (Bunny)

Get a bad review on Yelp? Go with it and make it a source of pride! (Bunny)

Parry Gripp’s Song of the Week is reminiscent of ye olde Dial-a-Song from They Might Be Giants. Enjoy!

Have a great weekend and following week, everyone! See you soon.

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