Friday, May 04, 2012

Happy Friday! On to the links from others.

From Julie: photos of the annual Whitby Gothic Weekend, which look fantastic (as always) and also include steampunks!

Also from Julie: a look at how London has historically treated its insane people, courtesy of a new book titled Bedlam which sounds fascinating.

Cassandra is all about the Super Moon this weekend! There are also supposed to be meteor showers. Let's all hope it doesn’t rain.

From Bunny: Descriptive Camera describes a scene in words rather than images, which is amazing.

Also from Bunny, possibly the best video game ever – Perfect Strangers! (It was down yesterday but is up again as of this morning.) I have some work to do in chasing my dream, according to Balki.

Have a spiffy Cinco de Mayo/Derby Day/Super Moon/weekend, and May the Fourth be with you!

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Anonymous said...


Has it really changed that much? I mean, I understand that now they don't invite the public in to fuck with the disturbed. It is more subtle today and probably perpetrated more by hospital staff.

True story: An institutionalized woman hated the word "fuck" and confided that to her male psychiatrist, who then turned around and used it in every conversation he had with her.

I wonder how he would explain that to his peers, his supervisors. He either would not address it at all or he might rationalize it as a desensitization method or a way to trigger her understanding of her hatred for the word. As if the great well of human knowledge had baptized him. As if he knew what was best for her. Jesus Christ. People are too crazy to help crazy people. teehee

( I personally would categorize it as sadism: cruelty and torture.)