Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring seems to have arrived here already, which means another steampunk book giveaway cannot be far away! Stay tuned for the fun!

Did you know the Smithsonian has a weblog dedicated to the future that never was? They do, and it’s incredible. Steampunky tinkerer types will love “The iPad of 1935,” while Generation Xers will love this collection of 1970s kids’ drawings visualizing the year 2076. (We’re kind of a weird generation.)

The first steampunk bedtime story? Perhaps! (Those of us who grew up hearing Jules Verne at bedtime may disagree.)

This wacky film of “boarding school girls” (?) visiting Coney Island in 1905 is lovely for its retro goodness, but what’s really fascinating are the rides.

For the neovictorian audiophile, Instructables presents the Traveling Steampunk DJ Cabinet.

Via Kate Beaton’s Tumblr, take a gander at the great names of New York gangs in the 1920s. The Warriors of the 1970s had nothing on these fellows. (Well, maybe the Baseball Furies. Maybe.)

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