Monday, March 12, 2012

Hope for the Flowers has a chance to be made into an animated movie. Would you like to help? (Disclaimer: I know Trina, and this is near and dear to my heart, so I hope it succeeds! I didn’t know she’d turned down Disney in the past. Wow.)

Behold, a book barge!

The Visual Thesaurus has a continuing series, Word Routes, which is wonderful for linguistics lovers.

F. Scott Fitzgerald broke with polite society by publishing the “Crack-Up” essays. In a way, Chris Arnade does the same with his riveting “Faces of Addiction” photo series and stories – he shows you the beauty and dignity inherent in what we so often want to overlook or ignore.

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Joyce said...

So glad you are onto Trina's Kickstarter project. Kept meaning to ask you if you knew about it. If you can make it visible to your audience periodically, that would be great!