Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Two great things meet to create something even greater, with Air scoring Le Voyage Dans La Lune by George Melies (yes, the 1902 movie).

And with John Carter gearing up for the big screen again, check out this extensive post on the proposed 1935 incarnation.

Bunny to me: “I'm sending you an article showing what people would be wearing in the 20th century, according to someone in 1893 who said he ‘found’ a book from 1993.” Me: “Was he right?” Bunny: “Not even close.”

Also from Bunny: was there a Battle of Los Angeles in 1942? And if not, what the heck was it?

It’s not too late to be a real-life adventurer; look at John Fairfax’s obituary for inspiration. He tried to commit suicide by jaguar! How can you not investigate further?

It’s also never too late to make something, and perhaps demonstrate it to the president (with a great photo, to boot).

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